Meet Our Team

Dave Hamann

Dave has wins.

Having been in the trenches of a startup to managing large teams at the corporate level, Dave has the experience to spot an opportunity. Dave helped a struggling Simply Fresco raise $1.5 million dollars to keep the doors open leading to a growing and profitable business, currently over $5M in sales.

Dave has worked with Pre-Revenue companies who have successfully broken into highly competitive categories, guided businesses breaking into new channels and leveraged his extensive customer relationships to open doors.

Dave has experience working with Private Equity companies in preparing and selling businesses. Through his efforts, he positioned a company to grow sales from $20M to $49M followed by selling the business for nearly $90M. Dave has intimate knowledge on how the system works.

Dave resides in San Antonio, TX and has spent many years working with the homeless population of the city.

Kristen Bailey

Kristen grows brands

She is a consumer experience expert with deep insight into the art and science of enhancing brand engagement.

Kristen is also a creator. Her work in developing a tool, called Blueprint, created to assist small business prepare for selling their businesses or a second round of financing.  

Kristen holds an MBA from Boston University and gives back to the community by sharing her expertise as a Yoga instructor with prison inmates. She resides in Portland, Maine

Chris Kast

Chris will find your voice.

A  marketing professional and copywriter with more than 30 years’ experience, Chris partners with clients to help them find their authentic voice that leads to the development of solid tactics that communicate it. To the right audience. At the right time.

Chris focuses on drilling down into the heart and soul of an organization to create focus that leads to consumer engagement—and loyalty—regardless of the media channel. He’s a creative director, content creator, and communicator whose work has earned him local, regional, national, and international awards for creative excellence.

Chris is a foodie, avid cyclist, lover of the outdoors and he never met a live music event he didn’t like. He lives in Portland, Maine with his husband and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Stella Blue.

Chuck Woodward

Chuck is a mentor

Having owned and worked with businesses of all sizes, Chuck knows from first-hand experience how to take a business from sinking to success. Being able to coach an owner into a powerful CEO is where Chuck really brings value. For more than 10 years Chuck has coached dozens of leaders both within the United States as well as Internationally. Chuck knows how to bring the best out people and empower them and their companies to succeed. Chuck also finds time to act as a Business mediator for Denver County. Chuck makes his home in Denver, CO.

Karson Nance
Partnerships & Development
Adam Jernigan
Websites & Digital Strategy